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1Sustainable menstruation gaining momentum in Bengaluru 20-Jul-2016ArticleReference
2For a sustainable lifestyle, Bengaluru green agents show the way08-Jul-2016ArticleReference
3Ban and bags25-Feb-2016ArticleReference
4This Politician’s Daughter Had a Zero-Waste, Vegan Wedding. It Made Everyone ‘Go Green’!01-Dec-2015ArticleReference
5All that waste! Re-use, recycle
6Vegan paneer masala, pet guests, entry in a Batmobile: Indian weddings with a twist
7Supply List: Secrets From a Vegan Politician’s Zero Waste Wedding14-Dec-2015ArticleReference
8PETA files petition in SC, demands notification on Jallikattu struck down11-Jan-2016ArticleReference
9Officials threaten and abuse chief of board that moved court on Jallikattu13-Jan-2016ArticleReference
10Next course organic and vegan: Healthy, compassionate, green eating is in08-May-2016ArticleReference
11Plateful of vegan19-Apr-2014ArticleReference
12To be or not to be a vegan24-Jun-2014ArticleReference
13Vegan wheel19-May-2013ArticleReference
14Flood of kindness as the skies open up03-Dec-2015ArticleReference
15Rooting for the underdog!25-Sep-2011ArticleReference
16Who let the dogs out ?25-Apr-2014ArticleReference
17BBMP proposes pet permits, limits 1 dog per flat, 3 per house19-Feb-2016ArticleReference
18Activists favour stricter punishment for harming animals07-Jul-2016ArticleReference
19Quotes from Global Justice for Animals and the Environment's Sowmya Reddy-ArticleReference
20Ban Chinese Manja: Activists27-May-2015ArticleReference
21Karnataka to implement painless cattle castration30-Mar-2015ArticleReference
22The plastic ban in Karnataka – a boon for animals07-Oct-2016ArticleReference
23Activists plan protest after hotel throws out gays10-Nov-2011ArticleReference
24'Queer Pride' takes out march in Bangalore02-Dec-2012ArticleReference
25Koramangala residents to launch plastic ban on Valentine's Day13-Feb-2016ArticleReference
26Bengaluru: Kormangala residents march to ban 'Plastic Bags'15-Feb-2016ArticleReference
27Total plastic ban in Karnataka14-May-2016ArticleReference
28India's youth climate activists31-Mar-2010ArticleReference
29School for Politicians Set to Make a Difference10-Dec-2015ArticleReference